“The Revelation of Whom?” seminar, is a sequel to Lee & Marji Venden’s, “All About Jesus Revival Seminar.” Both seminars are designed to help people discover that a personal relationship with Jesus is the sum and substance of the Christian life. To that end, the seminars offer tangible, practical, plain English suggestions on how to develop or deepen a meaningful friendship with Jesus. The series will begin on December 1, and continue at Sabbath School, church worship service and an afternoon meeting and then nightly at 7:00 p.m. through the week and end on Saturday, December 9. We welcome you to come and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Friday, 7 PM   –   “I’ll Remember You”

Saturday, 9:30 AM  –   “Hot, Cold, or Warm?”

Saturday, 10:45 AM   –   “Who Gets the Glory?”

Saturday,  2:00 PM   –   “Do It Yourself Religion”

Sunday, 7:00 PM   –   “Mirror, Mirror”

Monday, 7:00 PM   –   “Rest in Peace”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM   –   “Come Out Wherever You Are”

Wednesday, 7:00 PM   –   “Dressing for Success”

Thursday, 7:00 PM   –   “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Friday, 7:00 PM   –   “Trust Confirmed”

Saturday, 9:30 AM   –   “Turning Point”

Saturday, 10:45 AM – “The Term Is Over”