Thy Kingdom Come!

2018 is a special year for Florida Conference Men’s Ministries — it is our Silver Anniversary. For the last 25 years, our history brought us out of a humble beginning to be one of the most active Men’s Ministry programs in North America. Praise the Lord for His guidance! However, the best legacy we can build is not by the years of ministry, but by the souls touched with the grace of God and for the families empowered by the transformed men returning home after the conventions.

2018 marks another landmark for all of us — we are 25 years closer to the return of our blessed Savior. He is ready to harvest His Bride. For this reason, the theme of this year’s convention is “Thy Kingdom Come”! Powerful Men of God will come from the Caribbean to Georgia, from Bahamas to Alabama, to be inspired by the speakers and seminar presenters, nourished by the spiritual smorgasbord, and empowered by the divine atmosphere of our gathering. God will be present, urging us to be ready. The Holy Spirit will hover over us to bring unity of purpose, and Jesus will anoint us with His redeeming blood.

Registration can be made online at, by calling 386.454.1351, or by mailing your application form to Camp Kulaqua, ATTN: Men’s Convention, 23400 NW 212th Ave., High Springs, FL 32643.